40+ Abbreviations Interview Questions And Answers

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Abbreviations Interview Questions

What Does The Medical Abbreviation AED Mean?

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. This is the machine used to revive the guts after it has gone into full arrest.

What Does The Medical Abbreviation A.c. Mean?

A.C. stands for earlier than meals. This is used most frequently on prescriptions, telling the affected person when to take the treatment.

What Does The Medical Abbreviation Asa Mean?

ASA stands for aspirin. The “A” is added on the finish to tell apart from the numerous different medical abbreviations beginning with AS.

What Does The Medical Abbreviation Bp Mean?

BP stands for blood stress. You’ll most frequently see this on a affected person report of significant indicators.

What Does The Medical Abbreviation Cc Mean?

CC stands for cubic centimeter. Medications are steadily measured and disbursed utilizing this unit. This is to not be confused with CC (capitalized), which suggests Chief Complaint.

What Does The Medical Abbreviation Cxr Mean?

CXR stands for Chest X-ray. The time period is falling out of use however nonetheless often used.

What Does The Medical Abbreviation Doa Mean?

DOA stands for lifeless on arrival. This designation may very well be used if the particular person died on the scene earlier than being transported to the hospital or if demise happens instantly upon being seen by the medical employees.

What Does The Medical Abbreviation Ecg Mean?

ECG stands for Electrocardiogram. Actually, it’s extra popularly generally known as an EKG, though linguistically, ECG can be extra appropriate.

What Does The Medical Abbreviation Eta Mean?

ETA stands for estimated time of arrival. The time period is used, not simply amongst medical professionals, but in addition the navy and police.

What Does The Medical Abbreviation H/a Mean?

H/A stands for headache. Most medical doctors report that this is without doubt one of the commonest “presenting symptoms” inflicting individuals to hunt medical assist.

What Does The Medical Abbreviation H/o Mean?

H/O stands for historical past of This is primarily a fast and quick abbreviation used for intra-house affected person stories.

What Is The Full Form Of “ecb”?

External Commercial Borrowing.

What Is The Full Form Of “ubb”?

Uniform Balance Book.

What Does P.c. Mean?

After meals.

What Does A.u. Mean?

Both ears.

What Does Sol Mean?


What Does A.d. Mean?

Right ear.

What Does Im Mean?


What Does Supp Mean?


What Does Cap. Mean?


What Does Top. Mean?


What Does Pulv? Mean?


What Does P.o. Mean?

By mouth.

What Does Gr. Mean?


What Does D.w. Mean?

Distilled water.

What Does Tsp Mean?


What Does D.t.d. Mean?

Give of such doses.

What Does Sl Mean?


What Does B.i.d. Mean?

Twice day by day.

What Does O.u. Mean?

Both eyes.

What Does Q.i.d. Mean?

Four instances per day.

What Do Ns Mean?

Normal saline.

What Does Iv Mean?


What Does T.i.d. Mean?

Three instances a day.

What Does G Mean?


What Does P.r. Mean?

By rectum.

What Does O.s. Mean?

Left eye.

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