Android Enterprise Professional Exam Answers 2020

Android Enterprise Professional Exam Answers

Managed Google Play Provides Organizations Complete Control Over App Visibility And Distribution By:

  • Allowing whitelisting and silent app push
  • Providing application user data to admins
  • Easy sideloading of select apps
  • Making full Google Play store available to all user

When Enrolling Devices Using The NFC Method, Organizations Can Use __________ To Transfer Configurations To A New Device:

  • Either a pre-programmed master device or NFC tag
  • A pre-programmed master device
  • Only a pre-programmed NFC tag
  • Android Enterprise does not support NFC enrollment

During The ____________ Process, Each Bootstage Cryptographically Verifies The Integrity And Authenticity Of The Next Stage Before Executing It.

  • Verified Boot
  • Kernel checking
  • Hashtagging
  • System check

Android Devices Utilize A __________, To Run Privileged Or Security-Sensitive Operations Such As PIN Verification, Secure Storage Of Encryption Keys And Verified Boot.

  • Tamper Resistant Zone
  • Trusted Execution Environment
  • Trusted Encryption Zone
  • Secure Execution Environment

Before Deploying Android In A No Connectivity Environment, You Should Strongly Consider:

  • Android Enterprise devices must be able to access the Managed Google Play store to get apps and updates, and Google Play Protect security services.
  • Android Enterprise devices require special permissions and policies to run in such environments
  • The devices running in these environments must be running Android Oreo (8.0) or higher
  • None of the above

What Is The Proper Method A User Should Follow In Order To Add A Work Profile To Their Personal Device?

  • Clear all personal data from device, download EMM app from Play Store, follow the setup wizard to complete.
  • Download EMM app from Google Play, enter corporate credentials, follow the setup wizard to complete.
  • Hard reset the device, send it into IT department for set up, retrieve device when ready.
  • Enroll device in Zero Touch portal, inform IT so they can configure, follow the setup wizard.

What Are The Are Two Identities That Can Be Used With Android Enterprise?

  • Managed Google Play Account & Gmail
  • Gmail & Managed Google Account
  • Managed Google Account & Managed Google Play Account
  • Managed EMM Account

Restricting Applications From Communicating Directly To Each Other Is An Example Of What Android Security Principle:

  • Verified Boot
  • Safety Net
  • Application Sandboxing
  • Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR)

Devices With A Work Profile Differentiate Work Apps From Personal Apps By A:

  • Badged hashtag
  • Badged dot
  • Badged star
  • Badged briefcase

Google Recommends Which Of The Following Methods To Securely Manage, Deploy Or Host In-House Company Applications?

  • Sideloading
  • Android admin console
  • Zero Touch Portal
  • Managed Google Play Store

The Following Enrollment Methods Are Supported With Android Enterprise:

  • NFC
  • QR Code
  • Zero-Touch
  • All of the above

Some Of The Advantages Of Hosting Private Apps On Managed Google Play Are:

  • Application scanning, delta upgrades, free app hosting
  • Security, cross platform application support and competitive pricing
  • Security, easy administration and being able to host apps from any platform
  • Hosting private apps on Google Play is not recommended

Please Select The Most Accurate Statement As It Pertains To Managed Google Play Accounts:

  • Managed Google Play accounts are quick and easy to claim and require organizations to register their actual name with Google
  • Managed Google Play accounts are easy to claim but require a 1 week approval period from Google
  • Managed Google Play accounts are quick and easy to attain obfuscated identities that can be claimed for as many users as needed
  • Manage Google Play accounts provide end users with identities that allows them to sign in to Google services such as G-Suite

How Many Managed Google Play Accounts Can A Customer Get For Free From Google For Use With Their EMM?

  • As many as needed
  • 5
  • 20
  • 35

Android Enterprise Recommended Ensures Devices Are Up To Date With Regular Security Patches Delivered Within _________. Android Enterprise Recommended Devices Are Also Guaranteed To Get At Least ______________.

  • 45 days, 2 additional major OS updates
  • 90 days, 1 additional major OS update
  • 60 days, 1 additional major OS update
  • 90 days, 2 additional major OS updates

All Android OEM’s That Opt To Use Google Mobile Services (GMS) Must Adhere To A _________ And Successfully Pass ____________.

  • Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)
  • Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), Android Test Suite (ATS)
  • Enterprise Recommended Document (ERD) and Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), Android Device Test (ADT) Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), Android Device Test (ADT)

Google Play Protect Scans ___________ Apps That Are Installed Onto A Device:

  • Only Google Play store
  • All
  • Only sideloaded
  • Third party

As It Pertains To Shared Device Use Cases, Support For _____________ Was Added In Android Pie (9.0) Kiosk Mode.

  • Work profile
  • Multiple containers
  • Multiple Apps
  • Multiple DPC’s

To Make Android Even Safer, Google Shares Source Code For Security Fixes Every ______ Days With Partners And Publish Updates For Nexus And Pixel Devices.

  • 30
  • 90
  • 180
  • Dessert release

The Identity Method That Is Preferred For G-Suite Customers Is Referred To As:

  • Managed Google Play Account & Gmail
  • Managed Google Account
  • EMM Enhanced Account
  • Gmail

___________ Is A Collection Of Google Applications And APIs That Help Support Functionality Across Devices And A Requirement For Android Enterprise.

  • Android Managed Services (AMS)
  • Google Mobile Services (GMS)
  • Android Compatibility Services (ACS)
  • Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)

Using Android Enterprise Versus Device Admin (DA) Is Recommended For All Deployments Going Forward Because:

  • Device Admin API’s have been marked deprecated and will eventually not be supported
  • Device Admin API’s provided an outdated security model and management approach
  • Android Enterprise offers a modern management framework with enterprise APIs and secure app deployment via managed Google Play.
  • All of the above

________________ Can Add IMEI Or Serial Numbers To The Zero Touch Portal?

  • End-Users
  • Resellers
  • Resellers and carrier partners
  • Customers

As Users Are The First Line Of Defense Against Any Mobile Threat, EMM’s Can Employ Policies That Can Force:

  • Verified Boot
  • Strong PIN, pattern or password lock
  • Continuous SMS and call monitoring
  • Passphrase to recover lost email accounts

The Newest Enrollment Method With The Launch Of __________ Is ___________:

  • Android P, Fast Touch
  • Android O, Zero Touch
  • Android N, Easy Scale
  • Android M, Managed Deployment