Google Analytics Interview Questions 2020

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Google Analytics Interview Questions And Answers

What is Google Analytics? Tell me one thing about Google Analytics?

This is nearly all the time the primary Google Analytics interview query you’ll face. Google Analytics is a free internet analytics device supplied by Google that can assist you monitor and analyze the efficiency of your web site.

Google Analytics data varied actions of customers after they go to your website like consumer engagement, customer movement, variety of conversions, together with attributes comparable to age, gender, pursuits with the assistance of monitoring code.

Google Analytics aggregates the info in a number of methods like User degree, Session degree, Pageview degree, Event degree. The primary goal of the device is that can assist you make selections to enhance the location efficiency and income.

What is session?

When a consumer visits a website, a session will get initiated. It lasts for 30 minutes, although it may be modified. A session could be outlined because the variety of interactions a consumer takes inside a time-frame on the web site.

The actions could be go to pages, obtain e-books, purchases merchandise, and so on. As session instances out, non-active customers received’t distort knowledge. Example, guests who preserve your web site open in a unique tab received’t be counted previous the 30-minute session marker.

What is Google Analytics Goals?

A aim in Google Analytics allow you to monitor consumer interactions in your website. You can outline which interactions you wish to monitor like visiting thanks web page after buy, kind submissions, e book downloads and extra. It helps you measure how nicely your web site converts and fulfil your goal goals.

We can have 20 objectives per internet property.

In Google Analytics, there are 4 methods to trace objectives

  1. URLs (Destination Goals – particular location inside your website)
  2. Time (Duration Goals – how lengthy your customer final in your web site)
  3. Pages/Visit – concerning the pages and guests
  4. Events – actions they take

What is supposed by conversions and the way will you monitor conversions by way of GA?

One of the essential questions steered by most of Google analytics questions and reply guides. Conversions occur when your predefined Google Analytics objectives are achieved thus producing ROI to the web site.

For instance, if the consumer takes any desired motion on the web site, like filling the shape or signing up a e-newsletter, or just exhibiting a excessive degree of engagement, and so on. Goals could be utilized in Google analytics to set the conversion monitoring.

Any accomplished consumer exercise that’s essential to your business is named conversion. In regular phrases, a conversion is a profitable accomplishment of a predefined aim.

Google Analytics Interview Questions

What is supposed by KPI in Analytics?

KPI or Key Performance Indicator is a measurable efficiency indicator helps web site managers to trace and analyze the performances of the web sites based mostly on outlined business goals. It helps them operationalization of their marketing objectives.

Some of the essential examples of KPIs are

  • Sessions
  • Users
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Time
  • Conversion Rate
  • Pages/Sessions
  • Pageviews

What is Funnel in Goals?

One of the commonest google analytics interview query, a funnel is a collection of internet pages (navigation path) which your guests must undergo to realize web site objectives.

A funnel is made up of 1 aim internet web page and a number of funnel pages.

It helps you identify the place your customers begin and exit the gross sales course of. Based on the evaluation, you’ll be able to take away the bottlenecks in your conversion course of. Up to 20 funnel pages could be arrange in Google analytics.

Four kinds of funnels obtainable in GA

  • Goal Funnel
  • Sales Funnel
  • Multi-Channel Goal Funnel
  • Multi-Channel Sales Funnel

What is Acquisition report in Google Analytics?

According to Google, The attribution tab reveals what number of conversion occasions have been pushed by every supply and advert community”

There are two sections in Google Analytics that assist you recognize your attribution efficiency. One is the Attribution part and one other one is multi-channel funnels.

Attribution part makes use of attribution modelling to let you recognize the worth of every of your marketing channels. It helps you perceive the origin of your website guests like natural, social, and referrals. It is the method of distributing credit for conversions to touchpoints in a consumer’s conversion journey.

Web Analytics Interview Questions

What are you aware concerning the bounce fee?

One of the commonest query in any Google Analytics interview query. Bounce fee is the proportion of web site customers who leaves the web site from the touchdown web page with out visiting some other web page or with out taking any particular motion.

According to Google, Bounce fee is single-page classes divided by all classes or the proportion of all classes in your website during which customers considered solely a single web page and triggered solely a single request to the Analytics server.

To decrease the bounce fee, improve the engagement in your web page (with the assistance of inner hyperlinks, CTA, and so on), improve web page velocity, matching consumer expertise and extra.

Bounce fee benchmarks change from style to style. Blogs are likely to have excessive bounce charges and B2B websites ought to have lesser. Benchmarks additionally adjustments based mostly on the trade.

What are the highest channels Google Analytics makes use of to trace your traffic sources?

The high channels of traffic, tracked by Google Analytics:

  • Organic: People click on search engine natural go to and land in your web site
  • Direct: People who write down your web site area on URL bar on the browser and go to your web site
  • Paid: People who click on on PPC advertisements in SERP.
  • Referral: People who come to your website from different websites like,, and so on.
  • Social Channels: People visiting your website utilizing Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

What is the distinction between Clicks and Visits?

  • Clicks point out an motion carried out on a website or a specific product.
  • Visit signifies spending of time by customers on a website.

How to determine the preferred pages on my web site in Google Analytics?

To discover the highest pages of your web site, you should go to the habits part of Google analytics.

What is Behaviour in Google Analytics?

Again, one of many essential google analytics interview query. The easy reply is: The habits overview reveals the quantity of total traffic.

The habits movement report reveals you the trail customers take in your web site. From the primary touchdown web page to the ultimate web page they visited in your web site.

  • Site content report reveals the highest content based mostly on efficiency.
  • Landing web page report helps you to see the highest pages based mostly on traffic.
  • Site velocity report reveals the graph of the load time of all pages.

Tell me about Dimensions & Metrics in Google Analytics.

Dimensions are attributes of your knowledge.

We can perceive that dimensions are a featured or facet of your knowledge. It will not be a quantitative variable however a qualitative one. Let us give us some examples

  • Device
  • Source
  • Campaign
  • City
  • Goals
  • Page

Metrics are the numbers you discover in dimensions. Metrics allow you to see what a consumer did, in numerical worth. It is a quantitative measurement. Without dimensions, in any other case, it’s simply numbers.

For instance: If you discover 50 web page views for a particular blog post from NY, web page views are metric and NY is the dimension right here.

What is Exit Rate?

Exit Percentage is the proportion of website exits that occurred from a specified web page or set of pages. It is the web page in your website that the customer left from.

In Google Analytics, Exit web page could be present in:

Behavior > Site Content > Exit Pages. This report offers you a breakdown of the variety of Exits, pageviews and the % Exits.

What is Search Depth?

Average search depth is a metric in Google analytics. It is

  • the typical variety of pages folks considered after performing a search.
  • This is calculated as Sum of all search_depth throughout all searches / (search_transitions + 1)

What is ‘Filters’ in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, filters are configured in views for a property.

Filters are used to section the info into smaller teams. Filters allow you to management which knowledge is included within the reviews. For instance, you’ll be able to filter out the inner traffic from exhibiting inside analytics, Filters could be created at both the view or the account degree.

Google Data Analyst Interview Questions

How to entry private info of holiday makers utilizing GA?

Impossible. You can’t entry private info of holiday makers utilizing GA.

How to search out the place guests are clicking most?

With the assistance of In-Page Analytics, can discover the place guests are clicking most. In-page analytics is an extension of Google Chrome that helps you see the clicking knowledge proper there on the web page.

What are cookies in Analytics?

Any Google Analytics Interview Question and Answers information received’t full with out this query. Cookies are the textual content information which are saved on the customer’s browsers when a customer visits the web site.

It is crucial to do not forget that cookies are browser-specific in the case of ga.js. So, a consumer on chrome on their work laptop computer may have completely different cookies saved than if they’re utilizing chrome on their dwelling pc.

How can you discover the UA monitoring code?

UA stands for Universal Analytics. The Universal Analytics monitoring code could be discovered within the admin part of the online property.

How are you able to create your aim in Google Analytics?

To create a aim in Google Analytics, must observe the Four steps

  • Click Admin within the navigation bar
  • Click Goals below View
  • Click +New Goal
  • Create your goal by following the wizard

How to delete goals in GA?

No, we cannot delete the goal. We can stop recording the goal by disabling it.

What is meant by Average Load Time?

The avg. amount of the time taken by the website to load it in the browser.

How to change the session time in Google analytics?

Again, one of the popular Google analytics interview questions. Yes, by clicking on the session settings in the admin section let us change the session timings from 30 mins to however we like.

What is treemaps report in GA?

Treemap visualization let the user highlight the biggest influence of a data set. One of the advantages of treemap visualization is how easily it can display correlated display. It has made reporting easy. Many kinds of reports can be managed easily in GA.

Interview Questions On Google Analytics

Which type of traffic uses auto-tagging?

Google ads traffic uses auto-tagging feature.

What are the demographics report in Google Analytics?

Demographics in Google Analytics offers to give detail about the age and gender of the website visitors, along with the interests they express through their online travel and purchasing activities. It can be found in the ‘Audience Report’ of Google analytics.

What is Site Search report in Google Analytics?

The site search button on the website helps users to search inside the website. The site search reports in GA allows website managers to find the keywords or queries people use to search on the website. It helps them to understand what people search and design or optimize pages accordingly. Mainly used by e-commerce websites, so if you are attending a Google analytics interview of eCommerce website, learn more about it.

What is users?

Users are that have had at least one session within the given time frame. Both active and repeated users are counted.

What is the most important things in Google Analytics you will want to analysis?

Google Analytics gives a lot of information and each information is essential. But there are few things we concentrate every day like the number of sessions, traffic sources, top-performing pages, funnel and goal conversions, bounce and exit rate.

Difference between clicks and users

The clicks column indicates how many times your users clicked your website listing while users indicate the number of unique users who clicked your listing.

There are many reasons why these numbers don’t match. Important reasons are:

  • A user might click your listing multiple times.
  • A user might click on the listing but closed the page before loading it properly.
  • No tracking code on the landing page.
  • Redirect on the landing page
  • Single-click with multiple visits

What is the difference between Clicks and Sessions in Google Analytics reports?

The clicks column indicates how many times your listings were clicked by users and session indicates the number of unique sessions initiated by users. There are many reasons why these don’t match. Primary reasons are:

  • A user might click your listing multiple times
  • A user might click but closed the page before loading fully

What are Page Views in Google Analytics?

A pageview (or pageview hit, page tracking hit) is an instance of a page being loaded (or reloaded) in a browser. Pageviews is a metric defined as the total number of pages viewed.

What is Label in Google Analytics?

Label provides more information about the action of the user.

How to link search console and google analytics?

To use search console reports, you need to enable search console data sharing in settings.

How to do:

  • Click admin >> select the property
  • Click property settings

Under search console, select the reporting view & save.

Is it possible to disable Google Analytics?

Yes, it’s possible.

What is the purpose of Track Page View?

Track page view helps to register a pageview

How to track user engagement on Flash or AJAX websites?

We can use event tracking or we can track interactions as pageviews and set goals.

What is ROI and how to calculate it?

One of the most popular in google analytics questions and answers list. ROI stands for Return on Investments.

  • How to calculate ROI: (Revenue – Cost) / Cost.
  • You can utilize the ROI analysis report to find the ROI implications of your multi-channel funnel data-driven attribution model.

What is Event Tracking?

It is one of the common Google analytics interview questions. Events are user interactions with content that can be tracked independently from a web page or a screen load.

Downloads, mobile ad clicks, gadgets, Flash elements, AJAX embedded elements, and video plays are all examples of actions you might want to track as Events.

For example, if you like to see how many visitors download an ebook, watched a video, you can set up event tracking.

What are the three elements of Event Tracking?

Three elements of event tracking are:

  • Categories
  • Actions
  • Labels

What is RPC in Google Analytics?

RPC stands for Revenue Per Clicks is an e-commerce metric available in Google analytics. Which simply says the value of each click. With the help of RPC, you can identify the keywords which are affecting your campaign. It is not a common google analytics question but can be asked sometimes to check your in-depth knowledge.

Revenue per click is calculated as follows: Goal Value x Conversion Rate.

What is Custom dimensions and metrics?

Custom dimensions and custom metrics are like default dimensions and metrics in your Google Analytics account, except they are created by you to collect and analyze data Analytics don’t track otherwise. You need to have edit permission to create or edit custom dimensions and metrics.

Explain the Reverse Goal Path Report in Google Analytics.

As the name implies, the report follows the user journey to the destination page. Reverse goal path report retraces the last three steps that the visitor took in finishing a goal.

The report helps the webmaster to analyze the number of conversions generated by each conversion path. It provides a rewind replay of the journey.

How to access?

Go to Conversions > Goals > Reverse Goal Path to access the report.

What is site speed report in Google analytics?

A slow site can harm your website ranking. So, it’s important to have good website speed. To collect site speed data, Go to reports, select behavior > site speed.

Site speed reports show how quickly your website loads and ready to interact with visitors. It helps you to identify the areas to be improved.

The Site Speed reports measure three aspects of latency:

  • Page-load time for a sample of pageviews on your site.
  • Execution speed or load time of any discrete hit, event, or user interaction that you want to track
  • How quickly the browser parses the document and makes it available for user interaction.

How to avoid spam in GA?

We can filter out this data from spam sources.

How much customization possible in Google Analytics?

We can customize the GA but not as a whole. Few features and modules can be customized according to our needs.

What is the use of Time lag report?

Time lag report helps us to find the time lag in between the original session and completion of the goal.

What is the purpose of Visit Duration report?

Visit duration report categorizes the visits based on the amount of time, visitors spend on the site.

What is event action in Google analytics?

We use the action parameter to name the type of event we want to measure. This action is literally what the user does.

What is Conversion Report in Google Analytics?

Conversion report is a detailed report on if the visitors have completed the pre-defined goal. It says whether the visitor converted to customer or not. The conversion report shows you the path your customers take, from the entrance to completing a purchase or filling the form.

Explain Account, Property & Views in Google Analytics.

It is one of the general Google analytics interview questions and answers guide. Let’s see account, property and views in detail.

An account is your access point for Analytics. You need at least one account to access analytics. You can define the relationship between account and properties depends on your requirements. You can either have one to one relationship or you can have one to many relationships.

Property is a website, mobile app or device. An account can have multiple properties. When we add a property to an account, it generates the code that we can use to gather data from the property. The code contains a unique ID that identifies the data from that property. View is your access point for reports. We can offer views to users so they can find the reports based on view’s data.

Google Analytics Interview Questions And Answers

What is category in Google Analytics?

A category is a name that you supply to a group of similar events you want to analyze. For example, profitable engagement, YouTube videos, Reading, etc.

What is Google Segments?

One of the important Google analytics interview questions.

A segment is a subset of your analytics data. Like a piece of cake in your whole big cake of data. For example, among your entire set of users, one segment might be from Mumbai. Another segment might be users who downloaded an ebook from the website.

Segments help you separate and understand the subsets of data to help you examine the trends in the business. For example, if you see people from Delhi stopped using your service recently, you can check if your local competitor started a campaign or your local page has any technical issues, etc.

Segment types:

  • Subsets of users
  • Subsets of sessions
  • Subsets of hits

What is ‘Real Time’ report in Google Analytics?

Real time reports give information about the traffic, insights, reactions, sources and more on a real time basis. The reports get updated immediately and hit is reported seconds after it occurs.

How to see?

Navigate to your view>> Open reports>> Real-time

What is Multi-Channel Funnel Report?

By multi-channel funnels report, you can analyse how your marketing channels work together to create conversions. The report helps to demonstrate the value of the channel. With the help of a specific campaign, you can further identify which is driving conversions.

What is the best way to track e-commerce sales through Google analytics?

After you install the pixels, go to the admin panel of Google analytics. Under “All website data” you will discover eCommerce settings. Switch on to activate the eCommerce monitoring. Also, flip superior options like Related merchandise or enhanced eCommerce reporting.

Explain Behaviour Flow Report in Google Analytics.

The habits movement report reveals the journey of the guests from one part to the following. This report helps you determine content or continuity points on the web site. It reveals the navigation behaviour of customers which could be very useful for eCommerce web sites. It helps you uncover which content works higher for you.

What do you perceive by assisted conversions?

Assisted conversions tab in Google Analytics is to investigate the oblique worth of a marketing channel, a component with UTM or a touchdown web page you wish to monitor. The measurement of interactions aside from the ultimate click on that results in a conversion is named assisted conversion.

With the assisted conversion, we are able to determine the values of channels which helps on the preliminary, mid-level cycle. This helps companies to cease ignoring channels which take the shoppers to the ultimate marketing channel which ultimately will get transformed.

With a number of channels and routes to your viewers all taking part in numerous function in bringing customers towards the ultimate end result, every channel deserves credit score. That is why assisted conversions are essential.

Google Analyst Interview Questions

What is Audience Report in Google Analytics?

Group of audiences based mostly on any attribute that’s useful to your business.

The group is perhaps merely earlier buyers or it may be as particular as audiences who considered the web page for product A after which inside 5 classes or 10 days returned to buy the product.

It could be broad or very particular based mostly in your wants. It offers us details about guests that can assist you perceive your purchaser persona.

What is remarketing viewers in google analytics?

Remarketing viewers is required to run remarketing campaigns in Google advertisements. Users who had already engaged along with your web site however didn’t convert can turn out to be your viewers. After the record is prepared, you’ll be able to goal these audiences with particular affords and initialize your remarketing marketing campaign.

What are UTM Parameters?

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module. UTM Parameters are added to URLs in an effort to monitor natural traffic, referral traffic and CPC (Cost Per Click) traffic.

The UTM is appended to your web site URL in an effort to make them distinctive and in addition make it simple so that you can monitor the precise supply of your web site guests. The varied UTM parameter contains:

  • utm_source (Campaign Source)
  • utm_medium (Campaign Medium)
  • utm_content ( Campaign Content) [Optional Parameter]
  • utm_campaign (Campaign Name)
  • utm_term (Campaign Keyword) [Optional Parameter]

Different kinds of customized reviews

There are Three kinds of Custom Reports in Google Analytics-

  • Explorer
  • Flat Table

Map OverlayExplorer:A Standard Google analytics report that consists line graph and knowledge desk that embody dynamic the weather like search, type and secondary dimensions.Flat Table:A static sortable desk that Shows that knowledge in rows.Map overlay:A Map of the world of various areas and international locations displaying in darker colors to point the traffic and engagement quantity.

How are you able to arrange and set up monitoring for cell apps?

Install monitoring code helps you to collect and ship knowledge from cell apps to your analytics account.

Steps to set and set up monitoring code for cell apps:

  • Enable app set up monitoring in your account for android and iOS.
  • Update your Analytics SDK for Android and iOS.
  • Set up Custom Campaigns.

What are customized occasions and the way is it applied?

Custom parameters could be added to your touchdown web page URLs and it’s a complicated sort of URL parameter.

Steps to create customized parameter:

  • Choose an analytics degree
  • Define your parameters, Custom parameters have two elements (Name and Value)
  • Add customized parameter within the Custom parameter area
  • Add your customized parameter to the Tracking template area

Tell me among the reviews in Google Analytics

  • Mobile efficiency report
  • Traffic acquisition report
  • Content effectivity report
  • Keyword evaluation report
  • New vs Returning guests
  • Landing pages report
  • Bounce fee vs Exit fee report

What is (Not Provided) knowledge in Keyword Reports?

Honestly, this is among the common questions within the google analytics interview query. To reply this it’s a must to perceive why google does this.

In October 2011, Google modified the best way it harvests knowledge from search to guard customers’ privateness.

How to resolve this:

  • Use traffic sources knowledge from the queries report
  • Examine Google advertisements knowledge
  • Use search console – search queries knowledge

What is Cohort in GA?

This is among the superior google analytics interview query. Cohort is a bunch of customers who share a typical attribute, recognized by an Analytics dimension. Cohort will also be understood as a bunch of visits who share the identical content with the identical time. Cohorts in analytics are based mostly on acquisition date.

Google Analytical Lead Interview

Cohort contains 4 sections

  • Cohort sort
  • Cohort measurement
  • Metric
  • Date vary

What is Attribution Model in Google Analytics?

Attribution mannequin is the rule, or algorithm, that determines how credit score for gross sales and conversions is assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths. It could be set based mostly in your marketing technique and consumer habits. For instance, First interplay mannequin assigns 100% worth to the primary touchpoint.

You can discover attribution mannequin settings right here:

Conversions > Attribution > Model Comparison Tool.

What are all the favored Default Attribution Models?

  • Last Interaction
  • First Interaction
  • Linear
  • Time Decay
  • Position Based
  • Last Non-Direct Click
  • Last Google Ads Click

What is Benchmarking

Benchmarking is a device which compares your website efficiency to your trade’s common. This insightful device lets you set significant targets, achieve perception into developments occurring throughout trade.

How to see benchmarking reviews

Navigate to your view>>Reports>>Audience>Benchmarking

You can evaluate your knowledge in opposition to benchmarks for the next metrics

  • Sessions
  • %New Sessions
  • Pages/Sessions
  • Avg. Session Duration
  • Bounce Rate

What is mannequin comparability device?

This is among the most complicated questions in Google analytics Question reply information. What really is mannequin comparability device?

Attribution fashions are extensively used to determine the fitting marketing channel and offers credit score. But how do you resolve which attribution mannequin would work to your business?

Model comparability device helps to check conversion metric by utilizing completely different attribution modeling like first interplay, final interplay, time decay and extra. Model comparability instruments lets you evaluate three attribution fashions with each other.

For instance, you’ll be able to evaluate how Twitter promoting works if you apply final clicks with linear and time decay attribution.

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