Google Web Designer Assessment Answers 2020

Google Web Designer Assessment Answers 2020

How Do You Build A Wider Canvas Version Of Your Creative For Wider Screens?

  • Choose Wide in the Canvas dropdown
  • By adding a width breakpoint in Landscape rules
  • By targeting the creative for wider screens in the ad server
  • By marking the All orientation checkbox

What Is A Google Web Designer Feature That Can Accelerate Ad Creation For HTML5 Coders And Non-Coders Alike?

  • High-speed publishing technology
  • Library of advanced ad templates
  • Rapid pixelation
  • Advanced video rendering

How Do You Add A YouTube Video To Your Creative?

  • By adding the video link in the video component Properties panel
  • By importing the original source video as an asset
  • By dragging the video component onto the stage and adding the YouTube video link in the text box
  • By adding a video event in the Events panel

How Can You Get Your Creative To Appear In The Template Library?

  • Submit it to Google for inclusion
  • Creatives already automatically appear there
  • Save it as a template
  • You cannot add creatives to the library

How Does Google Web Designer Help You Build Sophisticated Creatives Quickly?

  • By rendering videos quickly
  • By providing direct uploads for creatives
  • By providing feature-rich templates
  • By pulling reusable code from the we

How Do You Build A Creative In Google Web Designer That Restyles To Fit Larger And Smaller Screens?

  • By including larger and smaller versions within the same creative
  • By turning on the creative’s auto-adjust
  • By saving two different creatives in Google Web Designer
  • By setting the ad server to auto-adjust

Where Are The Settings You Need To Make Creatives Adjust To Screen Size And Orientation?

  • In the timeline
  • In the Responsive panel
  • In the advanced video editor
  • The view menu

What Does Google Web Designer Offer HTML5 Coders In Particular?

  • A code sample library
  • See tips from award-winning graphic designers
  • Target ads to specific browsers
  • HTML5 syntax highlighting and autocompletion

How Do You Change The Font Text In Your Creative?

  • By double clicking on the text tool
  • By importing the font as an asset and dragging it onto the stage
  • By choosing the font menu in the text tool
  • By selecting the font in the property inspector

How Can You Move An Element In Quick Mode Animation?

  • By adding a scene and moving the element where desired
  • By moving the element on the stage and clicking the play button at the top of the animation timeline
  • By selecting the element you want to move in the timeline and setting an event marker
  • By selecting the keyframe in the transition editor

How Can You Add Detailed, Sophisticated Animations In Google Web Designer?

  • Import them from an animation tool
  • Choose them in the Animations menu
  • Use the timeline’s Advanced mode
  • Download them from Google Web Designer’s website

How Do You Navigate Between The Wider Canvas Version And Narrower Canvas Version Of Your Responsive Creative?

  • By clicking left or right of the width breakpoint on the top ruler
  • By choosing Wide or Narrow in the Navigate menu
  • By using the Alt-Tab buttons
  • By targeting the creative for wider screens in the ad server

What Does Google Web Designer Help Beginners Do?

  • Consult award-winning graphic designers
  • Build creatives without HTML5 coding skills
  • Learn HTML5 from experts
  • Test ads on different browsers simultaneously

How Do You Build A Creative In Google Web Designer That Restyles To Fit Portrait And Landscape Mobile Phone Orientations?

  • By marking both landscape and portrait checkboxes
  • By saving a different creative for each
  • Google Web Designer creatives cannot restyle to fit screen orientation
  • By including portrait and landscape versions within the same creative

How Can You Add Simple Animations Quickly In Google Web Designer?

  • Use the timeline’s Quick mode
  • Use the Animation panel
  • Insert one from the Animation library
  • You can’t, animation isn’t supported