Privacy Policy

We use cookies or unique device identifiers to bring you improved browsing experience. These anonymously identify your device. Our systems store information such as your IP address, operating system, and your browser. Your data might be stored indefinitely with us but your personal information is safe. We never share it with other companies.


Your personal information such as your name, phone number, and email address might also be collected by our website. We might access your information that you provide on your device but with your prior permission. This information might comprise your phone contacts, messages, and other services such as social media networking sites. All these things help us in providing you better services.

Information of visitors of our website is associated with their activities that include everything that you search and click on to be browsed. Our website intends to store your geographic location. This is done so that we can provide you with customized services. However, please be informed that your data is safe with us. We seek your consent at the time when you use our services for the very first time.

With ads that run on our website, it is possible that your data is collected anonymously so that your interests can be understood and we can accordingly serve you. This also helps us in modifying content and advertising.

We make sure that your information that you provide us, remains safe. It is noteworthy that if your safety is compromised because of hackers or human errors, we do not hold any responsibility for the same. Possibly, your device might be linked to location data but your identity stays free from it. If you have any query about our privacy policies, kindly contact us at [email protected]