Programmatic And Ad Exchange Assessment Answers 2020

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Programmatic And Ad Exchange Assessment Answers

You’ve Been Invited To An Auction To Bid For Inventory Against Other Buyers. Which Transaction Type Best Describes These Attributes?

  • A private auction
  • A programmatic guaranteed deal
  • A preferred deal
  • Open auction

Helen’s Clients Require A Report Of Their Top Sellers Delivered To Them On The First Of Each Month. What Is The Most Time-Efficient Way For Helen To Deliver Them This Report?

  • Schedule the report to automatically run on a monthly basis.
  • Copy an existing query each month. (no)
  • Every month, update the query to slice performance breakout by month. (no)
  • Set a default query to run every time she opens the Query Tool. (no)

You’ve Executed Your Search In Marketplace And Have Found A Publisher With Inventory Offers. You Want To Tailor Your Own Offer And Send It To The Publisher. How Would You Do This?

  • Keep searching for offers more suited.
  • Edit one of the existing offers from the publisher.
  • Create a proposal under the publisher in question.
  • Send the publisher a message.

While Your Bids Are Transacting And Making It To Auction, You Discover That You’re Not Winning The Volume That You Require. What Action Can You Take To Improve Performance?

  • Checking pretargeting configurations to ensure that the “All Deals” criterion in the “Deals” category is included.
  • Make specific changes on sellers with whom you have a low win rate.
  • Ensure that targeting isn’t overly restrictive by comparing the targeting in your bidder against inventory your publisher has made available.
  • Ensure you do not have any overlapping deals.

The Dimension “Web Property Name” Provides You With Data On What Aspect Of Your Account’s Performance?

  • The seller’s network name on which ads are served
  • The devices or platforms on which ads are served
  • The content categories of the pages on which ads are served
  • The mobile apps on which ads are served

Your Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) Breakout Is Showing A Low Number Of Available Impressions, Inventory Matches, And Bid Requests. How Do You Address This To Ensure You’re Getting The Inventory You Need?

  • Adjust your bidding strategy
  • Check with your publisher to ensure there are no overlapping deals
  • Review your creatives
  • Check RTB Breakout details for filtering

Dave’s Client Wants To Run A Campaign Where The Deal Is Between Themselves And One Publisher. They Want To Pay A Fixed Price To Serve 10,000 Impressions. Which Deal Is Best Suited For Dave’s Client?

  • A programmatic guaranteed deal
  • A private auction deal
  • A preferred deal

Which Feature In Ad Exchange Allows You To Discover Inventory And Make Deals With Publishers Directly?

  • Real-time-bidding (RTB) Breakout
  • Marketplace
  • Pretargeting
  • Query Tool

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